In 2020, Japanese sex workers faced an unprecedented crisis.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, the number of visitors to the downtown area has dropped sharply. Many sex workers have lost their income and whereabouts. They couldn’t tell anyone about their work. And they were also excluded from public support by the government.

Lawyers and social workers from the NPO “Fu-Terrace”, which supports sex workers, have worked to help them suffer from social isolation and poverty due to the corona wreck.

“Fu-Terrace” has launched a signature campaign to protect the rights of sex workers. It also took social action to urge the state not to exclude sex industry owners from public support.

This book is a document about the struggle to build a bridge between the world of sex work and society in order for sex workers to survive in the corona-stricken Japan.

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table of contents


Chapter 1 LINE notifications never stop ringing Fu-Terrace Hundred Days War, First Half

Entering a field hospital state from the first day / Monthly income from 800,000 yen to zero yen / “Wall of anxiety” that stands in the way of application / Daily recommendation for crying counselors to protect their lives / Personnel and financial limits are approaching /Such

Chapter 2 Crisis of Sex Workers Fu-Terrace Hundred Days War, Second Half

They as essential workers / “I want to return to the so-called ordinary people” / “Unconscious gig workers” involved in benefit fraud / The reality that “the last thing you can rely on is public assistance” / etc.

Chapter 3 Protect the rights of sex workers

Forefront of “dense contact” / Launching signature campaign / Takashi Okamura “Corona and customs” remarks on fire / Class action options / Inevitability and impossibility of social actions / Proceedings “only” does not change society / Such

Chapter 4 Standing in Kabukicho, Shinjuku

Sex workers who continue to stand on the street even under a state of emergency / Why they stay on the street / Men who gather on the web, and police who start to detect / Connect with grassroots and connect as a hub / etc.

Chapter 5 Do not isolate Sex Workers

Crowdfunding “Project to deliver support to 10,000 isolated sex workers in the night world” started! / Fight against SNS advertising regulations / Gather the power of the crowd and break through the wall! /Such

Final chapter With Corona and With Sex Workers

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” / Anyone can be indifferent to the night world, but can’t be irrelevant / etc.

Afterword  Everyone becomes a “participant in sex work”

Appendix  Fu-Terrace White Paper (Data of about 3000 sex workers consulted by Fu-Terrace in 2020)

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